Food & Beverage

In the time of street food, food trucks, and burger restaurants springing up on every corner, the catering at an event has to serve so much more than just the hunger of the guests. Each assortment of foods and beverages individually designed for respective occasions mediates a lifestyle, elicits memories, and makes hearts beat a little faster. By a well-balanced mix of fast and slow food, the right combination of national, international and regional specialties, as well as vegetarian or vegan delicacies, we will turn your event into a culinary celebration.


Specifically aligned with the requirements and the target group of your event, we will create a portfolio that’s composed of exquisite food artists or the possibility to cater to a larger number of visitors.


Quality Despite Quantity

Needless to say, quality and flavor is our main concern, even at major events. We offer high-level services in the field of food & beverage no matter what size or type of event. We like to think of ourselves as more than a mere provider, but rather a conceptual expander of your event by means of an additional attraction. Through our eclectic and interesting range of food vendors we will sweeten your guest's stay and thereby raise their consumption.


Starting with the calculation of requirements, through to the implementation, handling, and post-processing, we will supervise your event or venue. We are equipped to carry out an event or to supervise your venue over the course of several years.


Sustainable Ideas Galore

The range of our services include conceptual development and execution of high-class VIP-events or exclusive artist catering as well as major projects in system catering, such as festivals lasting several days with 75.000 visitors or public catering in arenas.

We are just as experienced at catering at already-existing locations, commercial kitchens, and established sale units as we are skilled in setting up the necessary infrastructure at festival grounds. We focus on integrated concepts that are satisfying to our customer’s demands not only by choosing the suitable food and beverage assortment but also by its visually pleasing display.

That’s why we resort to food trucks and street food as well as creating aesthetically-pleasing premium beer fortresses and wine and cocktail tents, in some cases in collaboration with, or following guidelines from, various sponsors.

What we offer:
  • calculation of requirements (infrastructure, goods, staff)

  • detailed planning (design, schedule, spatial plan, resource plan)

  • public catering

  • conceptual development and implementation of VIP-events and multi-day festivals

  • VIP-Catering

Contact Persons

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