Construction on an event infrastructure only works if all the necessary parts are delivered to the right place at the right time. During the off-season these materials need to be stored at a suitable place. To ensure a reliable usage of these production items in the following year, they need to be maintained, restored, and mended as well as warehoused in a dry and safe place. We have the necessary know-how to make sure every single component of your event infrastructure will be ready for action year in and year out.


Next to sufficient spatial possibilities, logistical expert knowledge is the most important part when it comes to storing materials. Being mindful of the fact that the items that need to be stored have different requirements concerning warehousing, is inevitable. We will take care of sorting your components, creating sets, coherent packaging in logical sizes, as well as tagging your components according to your guidelines. We also offer the possibility to have your material serviced by us to ensure carefree planning and to make sure your materials can be deployed at any given moment. A transparent storage structure which allows permanent access is thereby guaranteed. We also take full responsibility of transport to and from the venue. Our core competences in storage and production logistics include material disposal, commissioning, supervision of material movements, cleaning, maintenance, and inventory.
What we offer:
  • warehouse and material logistics

  • transport logistics

  • storage space with permanent access

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Katrin Pieter Head of Decoration, Glamping & Inventory
Lara Stehling Production & Inventory Payment Solutions