Sanitary Solutions

Whether a music festival or a sports event, it is an indescribable moment when thousands of people come together to listen to music, party, drink, and eat. But even during the craziest rock’n’roll event, certain bodily needs have to be met. That’s why efficient and clean sanitary installations are indispensable and prepare your extraordinary event for the rather ordinary things in life.


We provide hygienic conditions, a functional aqua-logistic, the necessary materials and transportation, as well as well-trained cleaning staff. Our installation team ensures the timely delivery of the sanitary installation as well as a smooth installation of the water infrastructure by professional on-site handling. Flexibility during the execution, friendly staff, a structured procedure, and the proper infrastructure provide convenience and content for you and your guests.

What we offer:
  • installation of temporary water infrastructure

  • development of sewage concepts

  • renting of vandalism-proof sanitary installations suitable for events

  • timely delivery of the sanitary installation

  • cleaning staff

Contact Persons

Ben Gutt Head of Sanitary Solutions
Chris Sommer Assistant Project Management Sanitary Solutions
Dieter Hoffmann Inventory Sanitary Solutions
Georg Jelich Project Management Sanitary Solutions
Marcel Erfurt Project Management Sanitary Solutions
Sandra Schiller Administration Sanitary Solutions
Sven Schlossarek Projektmanagement Sanitary Solutions